I want to share part of what happened in the 2008 crash, how I navigated it, and why you should really be prepared for what’s coming ahead.

One of the things I decided to do about 10 years ago is to study the wealthiest people on earth. I decided to study their thinking process, decision process, and feeling process. Because I knew that success lies in the interior habits of the human being.

Mr. Warren Buffet said something very, very powerful:

“Be fearful when everybody’s greedy, and be greedy when everybody’s fearful.”

We are entering times where you need to be greedy, because the rest of the world is actually being fearful. Understand that. Follow that advice of Mr. Warren Buffet, and you will understand why he is where he is. And you will understand that you have an opportunity to also accelerate in a very massive way.

One thing I can tell you is that what you’re about to see, hear, and experience, is literally what I lived through in the last crash, in 2008. I lost my entire shirt. I literally ended up in the unemployment line. I collected unemployment, I collected food stamps. It was a moment when I wasn’t prepared. So I ended up in panic mode, fear mode, depressed mode. I couldn’t find myself.

And guess what? Those moments were dark moments. But understand that in order to value light, you have to go through darkness. In order to understand and enjoy height, you have to go through downturns.

Those moments became decision moments in my life.

So be prepared. Don’t panic. Just get prepared. And I want to congratulate you for reading this because you’re willing to invest in yourself. You’re willing to put yourself out there. And I really, truly admire that.

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